Directions to Beach Massages

Walk from Ocean Drive & 3rd Street in Miami Beach FL. 33139 through the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park until you reach the beach (3rd St Beach Yoga in the map below), then turn left or go north seventy yards until you reach Estaban’s Beach hut. Inform the beach attendant you are here for a beach massageand they will set you up in your desired location in front of the ocean – your massage therapists will take care of you from there. Enjoy!

About Beach Massage

Miami Massage Therapy’s  “Nature’s Escape Beach Massage” is one of the best massages Miami has to offer. Our expert massage therapist will custom tailor your beach massage by providing you with a combination of massage modalities available including:

Our beach massage therapy includes a relaxing and revitalizing massage therapy that focuses on neck, back, and hip pain relief (unless otherwise specified). You can choose from massage sessions intervals of 30, 60 or 90 min.


Our ocean front massage therapy location is only thirty feet from the water. Directly in front of you  looks off into the ocean’s horizon while listening to the waves crash on the Miami Beach Sand.

An oversized beach massage umbrella and adjustable beach lounge beds are available for the remainder of your day if you so choose. Sunbathe, nap, take a swim, and have a picnic on  Miami Beach’s finest! Have your best massage experience at South of 5th streets’s “New Little Rivera.” Click here for location.

Treat Yourself!

It’s no secret that stress can do a number on your body if you let it manifest and take control of your life.  It may start in the brain, but it can quickly spread everywhere until you start noticing little changes in how efficient you go about your everyday motions and tasks.

Usually we associate stress with frustration, pain, dread, and even anger.  The worst part is that stress only goes away when you actively address it and do something about it, otherwise it just keeps spreading getting bigger and eventually starts affecting your vital organs and personality.

Get the monkey off your back by fighting stress with some self-care treatments like a therapeutic massage therapy on Miami Beach.

Melting Away Stress

A Beach massage therapy is a great combination of the right amount of warmth, beach location and expert therapeutic massage hands to release the stress, tension, and pain that has made its home in your muscles and joints.  It’s important, in order for your massage therapy to be the most effective, to be mentally relaxed as well as physically.  This means escaping from all reminders of responsibilities, obligations, and “work” by heading to a beautiful place like Miami Beach for a therapeutic massage with a spectacular view.

Getting a therapeutic massage at the little parlor in your hometown is always a great idea, but it’s hard to really conquer your stresses when visual cues control so much of our behavior and state of mind.  It seems like Americans are some of the most over-worked people in the industrialized world, this is primarily because we take so few vacations, and so few lunch breaks and work so many hours at once, by choice or otherwise.

Getting In-Touch
Deciding to embark on a vacation to get yourself a Miami Beach massage therapy is like making a commitment to being a better “you”.  This is your opportunity to say to yourself, and the world, that for a few days you’re going in for repairs and won’t be available.  You’re going to come out feeling like a million bucks, not a guilty escapist, so don’t let your own selfishness become something negative. It is important to take care of ourself first since we seem to take so much time to take care and help others.

A therapeutic massage will realign your chakras, chi, or however you visualize your own body’s alignment.  If you’re looking for instant neck, back, and hip pain relief, look beyond simple medications and put your faith into the power of a great massage that can put you back in-tune with your own body.

Look to Miami Massage Therapy

Also, it is a known perk for vacation-goers that travel packages often include very generous and convenient discounts for therapeutic massage services.  Getting a massage therapy on the beautiful Miami Beach may sound extravagant at first glance, but it is not far-fetched to imagine being able to get that type of service for even the most frugal of travelers.  Plan ahead and do your research, call up various travel agencies, and see if they can make your dreams a reality!  You never know, your escape from reality might be a phone call or a mouse-click away.  Hey, positive thinking goes hand-and-hand with eliminating and preventing stress.