Tui Na Miami Beach

Tui Na

Tui Na in Miami Beach Providing Instant Pain Relief. Tui Na in Miami Beach is your first choice for instant pain relief.  Specializing with back pain, neck pain, & hip pain relief. Find your go to back pain relief remedies here at Miami Massage Therapy. Open every day all day. More news about the amazing […]

Thai Massage South Beach

Thai Massage

Thai massage South Beach open 7 days a week, 6am to midnight Thai massage South Beach therapies provide a method of relaxation, stress release, and treating illness that has been used successfully for over two thousand years. Miami Massage Therapy is proud to provide a combination of the science of Thai Traditional Massage Therapy and […]

Shiatsu in Miami Beach


Shiatsu in Miami Beach. Located in South Beach Area Shiatsu in Miami Beach makes use of the traditional acupuncture points (Meridian points) of Oriental Medicine’s healing. Massage therapy and the meridian network provides life giving and life-sustaining energy to every part of the human body. It is this network that connects all the organs, tissues […]

Reiki in Miami Beach


Reiki in Miami Beach. Please schedule 24 hours in advance for a session with Reiki Practioner Reiki in Miami Beach is a Japanese method in which a practitioner channels universal energy in a specific pattern to heal and harmonize the body. When the Miami Massage Therapy Reiki Master massage therapist opens energy channels, and promotes deep […]

Reflexology in Miami Beach


Reflexology in Miami Beach. Couples & group sessions available Reflexology in Miami Beach. Reflexology is based on ancient family Chinese therapy principles which treat the health of the body & mind, by way of pressing on & stimulating Chinese oriental Reflexology meridian points on the bottom of the feet, hands, ears, & spine. The Miami […]

Ashiatsu in Miami Beach


Ashiatsu in Miami Beach. Ashi Therapists “Walk-on-Back” with Ashiatsu Bars in every Massage room  Ashiatsu in Miami Beach  welcomes you to Miami Massage Therapy Ashiatsu page. The Miami Beach Massage Clinic has built a beautiful massage clinic with multiple rooms that have Ashiatsu bars installed. If you seek an Ashiatsu couples massage or a Ashi […]